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New QuickNote Feature

Evernote for Mac Update:

EN Prod Update

Boy oh boy, it sure doesn’t take much to get me excited these days. I just realized this morning that Evernote has made some changes to its application on my MacBook, and I am diggin it! The first thing I noticed was a new sorting option for my notebooks. I fired up Evernote and was looking for a notebook. WhenRead the Rest…

Developing Mobile Tech Standards and Best Practices

Mobility Community – New From CompTIA

CompTIA Mobility

I just found out this week I was selected to join the CompTIA Mobility+ certification exam writing and development think tank. I am very excited to have the opportunity to connect with mobility experts and specialists from around the industry. Selfishly, I am more excited about what I’m going to learn than what I will contribute. This is an excitingRead the Rest…

Evernote iOS Update Tutorial

Evernote iOS Update – Snippets View, PDF Features and Trunk

CBT Micro Nugget Evernote iOS Update

This is a brief tutorial on the changes Evernote announced yesterday. They improved the notes viewing options by adding the list/snippets view. They also improved the way PDFs are managed and viewed. Also, you can now download complimentary apps from Trunk on your iPad. For more IT/Mobile Tech training please check out the CBT NUGGETS website!

iPad Tips & Tricks

iPad Gestures & Keyboard Shortcuts


This is a brief tutorial on using gestures and keyboard shortcuts on the iPad. You can view many more training videos at Please let me know other iPad and iPhone tutorial topics that would interest you. For more IT/Mobile Tech training please check out the CBT NUGGETS website!

Beware Of New Transaction Fees

New iPad-Driven POS System

iPad POS

iPad POS systems are definitely heating up. We recently had the chance to work with a restaurant developing an iPad strategy. The number of possible options are growing quickly. Square just launched their “Business in a Box” solution for $299. (That’s just the hardware.) Pretty soon you will see most retailers and restaurants swiping your credit card at your tableRead the Rest…

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